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TESTIMONIAL: Three things to keep in mind when you’re buying life insurance

Reading time: 3 minutes

In this testimonial, Pavel explains his reasons why he chose SafeSide for his pure life insurance coverage, and highlight three main reasons.

Life insurance is essential when it comes to peace of mind

Reading time: 5 minutes

“Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths,” is how psychiatrist Scott Peck began his bestselling book, The Road Less Travelled. Few would argue with that and no one wants to make it even harder. In this blog we explain why life insurance is essential for your peace of mind.

Eat to live or live to eat

Reading time: 3 minutes

Recent estimates by medical historians suggest that our brains and digestive tracts have been unchanged for 150,000-300,000 years. Of course, our ancestors had different food options and priorities than we have today. But have you ever honestly thought about where your priorities lie when it comes to eating?

SafeSide and miira Announce Cooperation to Provide Financial Protection Analysis and Pure Life Insurance

Zurich‚ December 23, 2020 – SafeSide Life AG, an innovative life insurance technology platfo...

TESTIMONIAL: The importance of financial protection

In this video, Claudia provides a testimonial how the absence of pure life insurance and the sudden death of her husband impacted her, and how she would do things differently now.

A Masterpiece of Life

Reading time: 5 minutes

Death - What is it good for?

Life and death are inextricably intertwined. There is no life without d...

Pure life insurance, altruism and positive brain stimulation

Reading time: 3 minutes

Sacrifice at the center of Easter

This weekend, many families around the world will be celebrating Easter. Not only...

Interview with SafeSide co-founder Michael Klien

A Valentine's Day gift you certainly never thought of!

Reading time: 3 minutes

The best Valentine’s Day gift that you can give your partner. It really says you will be there for them forever.


SafeSide: Your life insurance jungle guide

In this video, SafeSide presents itself and explains term life insurance and pure life insurance, and what the SafeSide platform does.