About Us

The birth of my first child inspired me to create SafeSide. My wife and I knew that the right time had come to purchase pure life insurance in order to financially protect our family.

However, many of the insurance sites I visited were opaque and confusing. This should not be the standard as pure life insurance is a simple, inexpensive and absolutely flexible insurance product. Perhaps even the only life insurance product that makes sense.

In addition, I was not able to submit an application digitally. Most of the time I was advised to talk to an insurance agent. However, I did not want to go down that route.

This experience awakened in me the desire to simplify the way we purchase pure life insurance in Switzerland and to make the process completely transparent for everybody.

Fully client centered

This motivation also connects the team behind SafeSide. The passion for creativity and design characterizes my co-founder Georg Liechtenstein. Georg loves to find solutions to improve existing products and bring more transparency to the financial landscape.

Damian Scherrer is SafeSide CTO and coordinates the technical development. In particular, his passion for and many years of experience in the field of IT security are of central importance to SafeSide.

My name is Michael Klien, and as a long-standing financial analyst with a focus on insurance companies, I have a wealth of experience in the industry. I am highly motivated and passionate about bringing this experience to bear positively for you.

Together, we want SafeSide to combine unparalleled customer service and cutting-edge technology in an industry that is paper-driven, opaque, and often unresponsive. Our vision is to make SafeSide the technologically leading platform for pure life insurance in Switzerland.

SafeSide is a platform on which you have the opportunity to obtain information about pure life insurance in a transparent and efficient manner. All to your advantage.

Get coverage fully digitally anywhere and at any time.

SafeSide stands for absolute transparency, security and technological innovation. These features allow you to find the optimal pure life insurance solution for your loved ones anywhere and at any time.

Nothing makes us more satisfied then knowing that you were able to get the right financial protection for your loved ones. This is our ambition.

Michael Klien, CEO