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The chosen sum will be paid out in the event of death. You thus protect your family, life partner or business partner from financial bottlenecks. The death benefit is very individual and should be adjusted to your financial obligations.
In your calculation, also take into account your assets, by the way, which can contribute to financial relief in the event of death. Larger debts such as a mortgage or other obligations must be taken into account if necessary.
Use our calculator here, if you’re still unsure.
For how long do you need coverage?
You need to tell us how long you want your cover to last. Think about the age of any children who depend on you financially or the time left on unprotected loan payments. If you're protecting your mortgage, consider the number of years left until your mortgage ends.

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Definition Gender:
The definition of gender is varied. When insurers ask this question, they are asking for your gender assignment at birth.

We currently cannot offer your fully digital cover. You can still get coverage though. Please contact us via the button below.

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Who is a non-smoker?
A person is regarded as a non-smoker if she has not smoked any cigarettes in the past twelve months and has consumed or used at most two cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes or other nicotine products (excepting cigarettes) per month, and intends to remain a non-smoker in the future.
Do you plan a hospital stay in the next 12 months?
Any ambulatory or stationary stay in a hospital for medical reasons, is considered a hospital stay in this context.
Whose earning capacity is restricted?
Your earning capacity is restricted if you cannot perform a reasonable gainful activity.


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