A Valentine's Day gift you certainly never thought of!

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The best Valentine’s Day gift that you can give your partner. It really says you will be there for them forever.

Valentine's Day is all about love. You want to celebrate love in all its facets. You desire to renew devotion to your loved one. You think of famous couples and even of those whose love has not been reciprocated. You show your loved one love and affection with a bouquet of flowers, chocolates or an elegant dinner. However, Valentine’s Day is much more than that.

Fireworks in shape of heart

True meaning of Valentine’s Day

The origin of Valentine's Day traces back to Valentine of Terni, who lived in the Roman Empire in the third century. Valentine of Terni fulfilled lovers' desire to be married knowing full well that he was in breach of the imperial ban on marriage. He bestowed flowers from his garden on young lovers and took care of poor and sick people.

Through his devotion he was an inspiration to many young lovers. This was much to the displeasure of the Roman Emperor Claudius II, who had him executed on 14 February 269. Pope Gelasius canonized him 200 years later declared February 14 to be Valentine's Day.

It was Valentine’s selflessness, his care for strangers and people in love that made him remembered through history.

The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

Like Valentine taught us, love is selfless. Love is all about caring for our family. Love has many facets, and is most powerful when protecting those you love such as your partner, your child, or your parents. Providing for them not only for the good times but also the bad. Which is why we suggest a different gift for Valentine’s Day: a pure life insurance.

For most people, a pure life insurance policy is certainly not something that they would put on a Valentine's Day gift list. What will happen to our loved ones after our passing is something that we don’t want to think about. However, taking out a pure life insurance policy to protect your partner financially is important. You want them to be secure even if you are gone.

The ultimate expression of commitment

Pure life insurance is an expression of long-term commitment, an expression that you want to spend your lives together, caring for each other. An expression of responsible action.

This is especially true for unregistered partnerships. Couples who live in cohabitation, same-sex couples or simply couples who live without a contractual arrangement are poorly covered by the Swiss social security system. A pure life insurance policy helps to cushion this lack of coverage financially. It also assures your partner. After all there’s nothing like a pure life insurance policy to express long-term attachment to your other half.

Say you love them in 24 different ways

We wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day.



Ek is lief vir jou


Te amo


Iih hoan dich geer


Ech hun dech gär


Ana Hebbek


Kocham cie


Jeg elsker dig


Eu te amo


Ik hou van jou


Ja teba ljublju.


Mi amas vin


lubim ta


Minä rakastan sinua


Te quiero


Je t'aime / Je t'adore

Swiss German:

I ha di gärn / I liäbä di


Ich liebe dich


Ha eh bak




Seni Seviyorum




Toi yeu em


Ti amo


Ikh hob dikh lib

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