Calculate my coverage need

This needs calculator allows you to easily determine whether you should protect your loved ones financially. Your recommended coverage amount and duration are calculated. In any case it is worthwhile to use the calculator to get a better understanding for a coverage gap. The use is free of charge and only for your benefit.

Only count children that live in your household and are dependent on you
Enter your gross yearly income
If you want your pure life insurance to also cover your mortgage or any other debts please click on yes and write down the amount to be covered.
Only consider your freely available savings, your freely available financial investments or any existing life insurance. Your Pillar 2 assets, pension entitlements and investments that your beneficiaries are not supposed to sell are not taken into account.


For me, it is important to find a cheap solution that covers necessary financial needs. My dependents should have financial support until they can stand on their own feet again.
It’s important to me, that my dependents don’t have to worry about financial matters. Some moderate curtailments are acceptable.
It’s important to me, that my dependents are well protected financially. Even without me, they should not have to make curtailments in their lifestyle.

Based on your information, you probably don't need life insurance, since no one seems to be financially dependent on you at the moment.
It may still be a good idea, to see whether there might be possible coverage needs, especially if you are an entrepreneur.
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