Pure life insurance, altruism and positive brain stimulation

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Sacrifice at the center of Easter

This weekend, many families around the world will be celebrating Easter. Not only will the resurrection be commemorated, but also people´s willingness to make sacrifices for others. Sacrifice or self-sacrifice for the attainment of a higher good is not only important for Christians, but also for other religions.

The willingness to be selflessly present for our relatives is an elementary component of human development and an expression of deep love. It runs through human history, and was fundamental to guarantee human survival.

Just as it was necessary according to Christian faith that God sacrificed Himself in the form of Jesus Christ in order to save humanity, we as human beings are confronted in our daily lives, again and again, with the situation of having to postpone our own needs in order to be there for our relatives.

A scientific answer: Inclusive Fitness

The phenomenon that people are not only willing to sacrifice themselves for their immediate descendants, but also for more distant relatives, is coined "Inclusive Fitness" after W.D. Hamilton. Hamilton was among the first to scientifically analyze this biological phenomenon in depth as well as to package it into a theory. If you are interested in this topic, we encourage you to look into it more intensely. It is a fascinating subject to learn about.

Pure life insurance can have a positive effect on your happiness

As human beings, we have to make decisions on a daily basis, that demand dispensation and thus sacrifices from us. This is also true of our economic behavior. Each day we have to make the decision of consuming today or sacrificing our current desires in order to have more security in the future. In order to protect our family, we strive to renounce an immediate comfort with the goal of securing the well being of our loved ones. We engage in altruistic behavior.

While conducting brain scans scientists have discovered that altruistic behavior can lead to stimulation of the reward center in the human brain. By taking out a term life insurance policy, you therefore not only show a high degree of responsibility, but also make an emotionally highly positive decision, which can contribute meaningfully to your happiness. SafeSide makes it as easy as possible for you to experience such a stimulation of your reward center.

Pure life insurance offers the possibility of achieving maximum effect with minimum sacrifice. With just CHF 20 per month, you can take out coverage of over CHF 200,000 and protect your family. To commit to such an outlay, it helps to vividly and realistically imagine a future situation, as emotionally difficult as it might be, in which you will need to leave your family for good. Psychological studies show that it is elementary for long-term sustainable behavior to consciously project oneself into the respective future situation. We therefore encourage you to think of the unthinkable and to prepare accordingly. SafeSide helps you to take the right steps and guides you along the way. Nothing would make us happier.

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