PRESS RELEASE: SafeSide expands its platform with pure life insurance offers from Squarelife

Zurich, 8 December 2021 - SafeSide Life AG, the operator of the leading platform for pure life insurance in Switzerland, announces its partnership with Squarelife, a renowned life insurer who is committed to the digital transformation of the Swiss life insurance market. SafeSide is the only independent platform in Switzerland that exclusively focuses on pure life insurance, and therefore an ideal partner for Squarelife. "We are excited to partner with SafeSide, a platform that shares our mission: bringing transparency, great user experience and technological advancement to the Swiss life insurance market.", says Jörg Dreisow, CSO and Appointed Actuary at Squarelife.

This exciting new partnership and the proven cooperation with other renowned Swiss insurers allows SafeSide’s customers to choose from different pure life insurance offers and policies. As a result, SafeSide's clients benefit not only from increased transparency but also by having access to the best insurance coverage and the most attractive premiums across the Swiss life insurance market.

“With the addition of Squarelife, SafeSide has redesigned its platform to further optimise and simplify the purchase of a pure life insurance and to make the process even more convenient and transparent.”, emphasises Michael Klien, CEO and co-founder of SafeSide, on the new cooperation with Squarelife. After only a couple of entries, customers see a comparison of the premiums from different insurers, including the chosen term and sum insured. In addition, the customer receives a table of total premiums over the selected term, as well as a breakdown of the most important benefits. It is noteworthy, that despite the expansion and additional information provided to the customers, the new platform version enables its users to protect one’s loved ones in less than 3 minutes.

With the addition of further insurers, the attractiveness of the SafeSide platform increases for yet more partnerships to come. In particular, companies that would like to offer attractive compensation packages as fringe benefits, as well as banks and financial advisors looking for an ideal complement to holistic financial planning, can now easily integrate SafeSide offers into their own solutions. The seamless integration is made possible by the data interface which is provided by SafeSide and which is based on a rest API. These new features represent another essential step towards a greater customer-centricity in the Swiss life insurance market. They are also a continuation of SafeSide's mission to simplify the way Swiss residents buy pure life insurance.

SafeSide's vocation to create real value for its clients has enabled the company to support a growing number of Swiss people in their desire to provide financial protection for their loved ones in an easy and transparent way.





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Michael Klien

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About SafeSide:  SafeSide is the leading independent platform for pure life insurance in Switzerland. Customers can choose between three different pure life insurance providers and thereby get access to the best financial protection products and premiums Switzerland has to offer. Its innovative digital platform revolutionizes the way life insurance is acquired. Offering easy-to-understand language for an insurance product often viewed as complex, SafeSide provides much-needed transparency in the life insurance sector by using diverse state-of-the-art technologies. Experience SafeSide today.

About Squarelife: Squarelife is more than just a life insurance company. It is a team of people who simply put everything into what they do. Since 2013, Squarelife has been developing innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its customers. It manages 50 products in 12 different countries, issues 100 policies a day and has 15 independent partners. It is part of the Lifeware family, the renowned Swiss company that has been guiding the insurance world through the digital revolution for more than 25 years.

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