PRESS RELEASE: SafeSide and Swisscom collaborate on electronic seal solution for life insurance policies

Zurich, 14 December 2021 - SafeSide Life AG, the operator of the leading independent platform for pure life insurance in Switzerland, announces its partnership with Swisscom. To guarantee tamper-proof customer data, SafeSide has implemented Swisscom's electronic seal in the onboarding process, anchoring insurance policies to Swisscom Blockchain. This step underlines SafeSide's ambition to bring transparency, security and modern technology to the life insurance sector and to offer its customers an exceptionally positive experience in relation with their life insurance.

With the new collaboration, SafeSide customers will for the first time be able to store important aspects of their life insurance such as policy documents or changes regarding the beneficiaries on the Swisscom Blockchain in Switzerland. This has the advantage that changes are documented clearly and with a 100% guarantee. Disputes regarding possible beneficiaries can thus be minimised. Michael Klien, CEO and co-founder of SafeSide, says: "We are convinced that there exist many possibilities with this new technology, especially in the life insurance sector, and expect blockchain-based solutions to take a more prominent role in the future. In addition, our clients in Switzerland will be the first to benefit from this revolutionary technology regarding life insurances."

SafeSide has digitized the entire application process in a very short time, through it offering customers a great buying experience. With its transparency and providing the relevant information to its clientele the company shows customers the advantages of a pure life insurance protection over other forms of life insurance products. By using new types of technologies, the innovative Zurich-based company is constantly developing its platform to implement the opportunities that these have to offer. This is where the cooperation in the area of electronic seal with Swisscom fits in smoothly.





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Michael Klien

+41 44 527 63 63 

About SafeSide:  SafeSide is the leading independent platform for pure life insurance in Switzerland. Customers can choose between different pure life insurance providers and thereby get access to the best financial protection products and premiums Switzerland has to offer. Its innovative digital platform revolutionizes the way life insurance is acquired. Offering easy-to-understand language for an insurance product often viewed as complex, SafeSide provides much-needed transparency by using diverse state-of-the-art technologies within the life insurance sector. Experience SafeSide today.


About Swisscom: Swisscom is a leading ICT company in Europe and is listed at the Swiss Stock Exchange. It employs more than 19'100 employees and published net revenues of CHF 11b in 2020. With Electronic Seal, Swisscom offers a blockchain-based electronic seal for companies that can guarantee tamper-proof data – legally issued, immutability and authenticity of data.


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