PRESS RELEASE: SafeSide and LegacyNotes Announce Partnership, Fit for The Digital Future of Estate Planning

Zurich, 8 March 2022 SafeSide and LegacyNotes announce a long-term partnership that will see clients receive the latest advances in digital insurance. Additionally, this partnership brings a truly digital experience of estate planning to clients' footsteps.


SafeSide, an innovative life insurance technology platform, offers a customer-centric user experience, enabling customers to purchase pure life insurance quickly and efficiently. The insurance technology start-up provides a unique digital experience, where customers can protect their loved ones in under three minutes. Through continuous digital innovation, SafeSide has become the ideal partner for many financial services providers – insurers, mortgage providers and others.


CEO and Founder at SafeSide, Michael Klien, states "Estate planning is part and parcel of any sound financial set-up. In this regard, we look forward to working with LegacyNotes and continuously innovating across the digital sphere of finance and insurance products."


Swiss-based LegacyNotes offers digital estate planning services for some of life's most important decisions by making its administrative work easier; these include funeral requests, living wills, and advance care orders. In addition, clients save essential data and determine the handling of digital accounts and assets.


Head of Business Development and Sales at LegacyNotes, Monika Peterer-Gähwiler, adds "By partnering up with SafeSide, our combined customer base now benefits from a whole spectrum of services – from protecting their loved ones to ensuring that in the event of their passing the estate is in order."


The partnership between SafeSide and LegacyNotes is the latest example of how these two organizations are changing the financial landscape positively and innovatively for the benefit of all Swiss people.






Media contact:


Michael Klien

+41 44 527 63 63 



About SafeSide:  SafeSide is the leading independent platform for pure life insurance in Switzerland. Customers can choose between different pure life insurance providers and thereby get access to the best financial protection products and premiums Switzerland has to offer. Its innovative digital platform revolutionizes the way life insurance is acquired. Offering easy-to-understand language for an insurance product often viewed as complex, SafeSide provides much-needed transparency by using diverse state-of-the-art technologies within the life insurance sector. Experience SafeSide today.



About LegacyNotes: LegacyNotes is digital estate planning. LegacyNotes makes your administrative work easier and supports your loved ones when you are no longer able to do so. You can easily regulate your estate, create a living will and advance care directives, as well as generate your personal will template with the inheritance planner. In addition, you secure important data and determine the handling of your digital accounts.

LegacyNotes’ vision: No one leaves this world without having taken care of everything for their loved ones. Get started with LegacyNotes today.


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