SafeSide and miira Announce Cooperation to Provide Financial Protection Analysis and Pure Life Insurance

Zurich‚ December 23, 2020 – SafeSide Life AG, an innovative life insurance technology platform, and miira, a comparison platform to optimize personal retirement planning, powered by the Innovation Lab of PostFinance, announced today a new technological cooperation, aimed at streamlining the way people analyze financial protection needs and subsequently obtain pure life insurance.

SafeSide offers a customer-centric user experience, which enables its customers to purchase pure life insurance in an easy and efficient way. Providing a unique digital experience, SafeSide´s customers are able to protect their loved ones in under 3 minutes. By continuously innovating and simplifying the underwriting process, SafeSide has become an ideal partner for the miira platform.

“We are truly excited about the miira partnership. This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to transparency, innovation and customer-centricity,” stated Michael Klien, CEO and Co-Founder of SafeSide. He continued: “Pure life insurance is a flexible and affordable financial protection instrument. It should be easily accessible to everybody. Our cooperation with miira will bring us one step closer to achieving our goal.”

miira forms part of PostFinance’s diverse range of financial products and services. It allows users to identify gaps in their personal retirement provision and to determine their capital coverage, once they go through the seamless, fully digital process. By integrating SafeSide´s REST API, the customer data entered into miira is then used for the SafeSide application process. By following the necessary steps on miira, customers are prompted to take the next step and apply for insurance coverage on SafeSide’s platform. 

miira also forms part of valuu - the digital mortgage brokerage platform of PostFinance. From now on, customers are able to fulfill financing, financial provision needs, and insurance coverage via one unified digital process. This unique offering constitutes an unrivaled customer experience to Swiss residents. 

It took SafeSide and miira less than two months to go live. This quick execution examplifies the lean and agile mindsets of both platform providers. 




Media contact:


Michael Klien

+41 44 527 6363



About SafeSide:  SafeSide is an innovative digital platform revolutionizing the way life insurance is acquired. Offering easy-to-understand language for an insurance product often viewed as complex, SafeSide provides much-needed price transparency by using diverse state-of-the-art technologies. Experience SafeSide today.


About miira: Miira provides you with clarity about your personal and family pension situation, analyzes whether your pension income is sufficient to maintain your standard of living and whether you have protected yourself and your family against financial risks. Based on your needs and any gaps, suitable options are suggested to you, and you can immediately apply for financial products digitally. Experience miira today.

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